Welder Qualification

Quick Response to Welder Qualification

Specializing in welding qualification, Baker Testing works with engineers, project managers, unions, and individuals requiring Welder Qualification and Welding Procedure Qualification.

Lab Environment

We have a wide a range of equipment for cutting, machining, and sample preparation to provide rapid turn-around and accurate reporting of test results.

High Volume Welder Qualifications

Working with field managers, Baker Testing can provide quick response to the high volume demands of welder qualifications, often needed for start-up pipeline and structural steel projects.

Qualifying the Welding Procedure

To determine if a welding procedure meets requirements for welding strength, we conduct a thorough investigation of the welding procedure and inspect the welds produced from the procedure using both non-destructive (NDT) and destructive testing (DT). Welding procedures are qualified to meet specific requirements including those set forth by:

  • ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • API,  American Petroleum Institute
  • AWS, American Welding Society
  • MIL-STD, Military Standards
  • ANSI, American National Standards Institute

Welder Qualification

Once a welding procedure has been proven to meet a specific standard, welders may be qualified for the procedure, indicating their ability to produce a weld to specification.

Weld coupons—pre-cut pieces of metal used to practice welding—are inspected using a variety of methods such as visual inspectionultrasoundradiography, and destructive testing. The types of tests will vary by specification and include bend testing, nick break, and macro.

Our 60,000 pound Baldwin testing machine provides precise measurements of applied stresses in both tension and compression of test samples.   Read more on Destructive Testing.

Welding Qualification Lab

Baker Testing offers an in-house welding lab where welders seeking qualification have access to welding equipment. We have both ASME and AWS visual certified witnesses available in the lab.

Welding Consulting Services

Baker Testing provides consulting to engineers, production managers, and field managers seeking to identify sources of welding problems. Consultants are also available to write and review welding procedures. Contact our Rockland MA office to learn more, 781-871-4458.