Storage Tanks

Inspecting for Safety and Reliability

Baker Testing provides independent in-field inspection of above ground storage tanks.

  • Oil and Gas Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Hazardous Waste Storage Tanks
  • Food and Beverage Industry Tanks

Inspection and Evaluation

To identify areas in need of service, Baker Testing inspects and reports on  the following areas.

  • Longitudinal Seams
  • Girth Welds
  • Nozzle Welds
  • Inner Radius
  • Tank Wall, Roof, and Floor

NDT Methods for Storage Tanks

The following NDT testing methods are commonly used to identify flaws, corrosion, weakness and damage.

  • Ultrasound – Conventional (UT) and Phased Array (PA UT) to assess the external thickness and density of steel;  thickness survey of the tank is typically required at intervals to identify wall thinning and prevent hazardous stored materials from entering the environment.
  • Radiography (RT) x-ray of welds
  • Magnetic Particle (MT) to inspect surface flaws that may signal potential leaks or weld defects
  • Visual Inspection (VT) of welds and tank shell
  • Ferrite Testing to identify corrosion resistance and ductility

Baker Testing also provides Welder Qualification.

Certifications and Specifications

  • Over 40 years of NDT experience
  • American Petroleum Industry specification API 653
  • American Water Works Association specification, AWWA
  • ANST Nondestructive Testing standard SNT-TC-1A.
  • ASNT Level III certifications in UT, RT, MT, PT, VT