Fire Investigation

Forensic Analysis

Baker Testing provides non-destructive inspection for fire investigators, product manufacturers and law firms to enhance the analysis of forensic evidence.

To help investigators determine possible causes of fires, Baker Testing radiographers work with investigators to document and preserve forensic evidence.

Digital radiography provides a non-destructive and flexible way to enhance forensic analysis of most any component or material. Common applications include: 

  • Appliances
  • Electrical connections
  • Batteries
  • Computers
  • Power supplies
  • Fire debris

Enhanced Digital X-ray

With enhanced digital imaging techniques, internal components such as fuses, wires, connections, and unseen objects can be identified and examined in a cost effective, scientific method that follows investigative protocols.

Images of potential fire sources and evidence can be measured, enlarged or enhanced with contrast and brightness adjustments.

With Baker Testing’s advanced digital x-ray, investigators often discover potential origins or causes of fire damage or failure quickly and at relatively low cost compared to conventional destructive analysis.

Evidence Preserved

Baker Testing can supply digital images to investigators as JPEG files, replicating all of the digital enhancements that are possible in the laboratory. These images can then be distributed to clients, saved to preserve evidence, and used in later legal testimony.

Baker Testing works with individual investigators or groups comprised of multiple product experts and legal representatives to preserve the chain of evidence and assist with investigative protocol compliance to satisfy and support all parties involved.

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