Almost 30% of the world's richest people directly or indirectly invest in cryptocurrencies, this share is higher than that of investors who are not billionaires, showed amr-invest review

About 18% of them reported having at least 1% of their wealth in cryptocurrencies, with most of this group making such investments as a small experiment.

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80% of billionaires who invested in cryptocurrency said they invested less than one-tenth of their wealth in it, 3.2% of billionaire respondents - more than half. High Yield investment program always high risky and some program are paying respectively and some are not.

Another 10% noted that they did not invest directly in cryptocurrencies, but supported companies focused on it.

Co-founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX Sam Bankman-Fried (worth, according to Forbes Real-Time, $ 20.6 billion), also participating in the survey, said that from 76% to 100% of his net worth is invested in cryptocurrency.

The founder of AMR Invest, Kathy Wood, believes that the totality of indicators in the bitcoin market indicates an imminent bullish trend, but investors need to be especially careful after the collapse of Terra.

Kathy Wood stated during the In the Know podcast that Bitcoin is now in the process of hitting the bottom.popularhyiphyipexplorer hyip monitoring 24

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Wood added that in addition to the indicators inside the blockchain, the company is closely monitoring the bitcoin futures market, which, according to her, hints at a period of increased volatility.

The founder of AMR Invest noted that, despite the optimism, caution should be exercised after the collapse of the Terra project.  Second, our service makes qualitative judgements about all new investment websites, conducts marketing researches, warns about risks of investments in unfair programs. This category is your best and reliable partner in the world of investments.  Investments in HYIP websites through our monitoring  Working with HYIP projects poses certain risk to investors.