Buildings – Steel and Concrete Inspection

New and Existing Construction

Working with the commercial building industry, Baker Testing provides independent non-destructive testing (NDT) of structural steel and inspection of concrete to identify objects embedded in walls and slabs

Qualified inspectors work with project managers and engineers on both new and existing construction.

  1. Weld Inspection
  2. Material thickness
  3. Conformance to code or specifications
  4. Location of steel, conduit, HVAC, and voids
  5. Welder and Welding Procedure Qualification

Accurate and Efficient NDT

We use multiple NDT test methods to provide the most accurate and efficient inspection.

For more information on concrete inspection, read Concrete Inspection, GPR vs Radiography

Welder Qualification

Both individual and large volume/new project welder qualifications are available. Read more at Welder and Welding Procedure Qualifications.

Certified Technicians

Baker Testing has serviced the structural steel industry for over 40 years, providing trained and qualified technicians for job sites around the world.

  • Certified Weld Inspection to AWS D 1.1
  • ASNT Level II and Level III
  • Knowledge of codes and standards for structural steel
  • Training prior to assignment