Visual Inspection

Qualified ANST and AWS Certified Visual Inspections

Visual inspection of industrial locations: pipes, tanks, welds

Visual Inspection, also known as Visual Testing (VT), is the oldest, most versatile, and most commonly used non-destructive test (NDT) method.

Used alone or in conjunction with other test methods, qualified visual inspection is a reliable and highly cost effective tool for quality control.

Direct visual inspection applies proper lighting, measurement, and comparative tools with the experience of our qualified technicians to determine design compliance and conformance to drawings, codes and specification requirements.

Visual Inspection:

  • requires little, if any, specialized equipment
  • has few limitations and wide applications
  • is commonly used for detection and interpretation surface flaws

Most all non-destructive test methods are enhanced or adapted visual inspections. Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasound, Radiography, Ground Penetrating Radar, and other test methods use skilled visual evaluation of test results.

Visual Testing Process

Trained and qualified visual inspectors apply knowledge of drawings, codes and standards to evaluate a wide variety of both new and in-service components.

Human vision can focus, scan, measure, and detect depth, color, and flaws with great precision. Combined with instant, cognitive abilities of the human brain, VT has broad applications.

  • Weld size, contour, and conformance with design drawings and specifications
  • Building construction and fabrication accuracy
  • In-process and in-service inspections for Power Generation Services
  • Comparative measurements with gauges and tools provide accurate evaluations

Applications for Visual Inspection

Explore the services utilizing Visual Inspection.

Experience and Qualified Inspectors

Baker Testing Services employs dozens of trained and qualified visual inspectors.

  • American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspectors (AWS CWI)
  • ASNT-TC-1A and NAS -410 (MIL-STD 410) certified inspectors
  • API Certified Tank Inspectors
  • RT, PT, MT, UT technicians are also qualified visual inspectors
  • Visual Acuity Testing conducted annually by certified opticians
  • Veriforce Operator Qualified (OQ)